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One of the most powerful applications of OKRs is that they can easily be cascaded down throughout the organization. In other words, we usually start with the corporate OKRs. From those we can create a series of business unit OKRs, then team-based OKRs, and from the team OKRs we can create individual OKRs for employees (perhaps all employees, or just a chosen grouping of employees). Because all of the OKRs are linked right back up to the corporate OKRs, which are based on the chosen strategy, vertical alignment is a near certainty which is very important when trying to improve performance.

OKRs can be very powerful for promoting teamwork and goal congruence, which lead to maximizing corporate performance. Ensuring alignment with the value proposition is critical; setting out well-planned corporate OKRs and cascading them downward is vital to keep everyone in the organization working toward the same objectives. This short video walks you through an example of connecting OKRs to gain vertical alignment:

While vertical alignment is critical in achieving strategic objectives, horizontal alignment (i.e. connections acrossbusiness units and teams) is also extremely important. Stay tuned for more on that topic.

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