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My purpose is developing people, both professionally and personally. My critical mission: to help you and your business move forward with your purpose and your plans. Let me propel you toward a new level of success.

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I remember that moment I realized my calling was to develop people. I actually fell backward into teaching; talk about serendipity! I graduated university during a major recession and with no experience and jobs scarce, I took a job substitute teaching high school – my old high school in fact! There were actually still students there that were there when I had been a student myself, I was that fresh out of university.

That teaching experience was transformational, and I decided to focus my further studies and work on the development of people and teams. I studied a combination of Accounting, Psychology and Strategic Business Management, while simultaneously gaining years of corporate experience. I became a good writer along the way also. As I jubilantly wrap up a 30-plus year teaching career, I intend to turn my focus to sharpening the enabling skills of professionals trying to define and live their purpose.

I’ve developed thousands of students and professionals with creativity, wit and, best of all, unique experiences that quickly immerse participants into action. I believe an upbeat, relaxed yet professional environment is the optimal setting to learn and sharpen skills. When people are provided development experiences where they can safely fail, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Bottom line: I love sharing my message and strengths with others, and customized experiences are my specialty.

I help people and teams find
and live their purpose.
Step by step.

Everyone and every team is on a path toward something bigger. I can help define that, and capture the collective wisdom to create the strategy that leads to fulfillment. Here’s how that translates through my work:

  • All my publications centre around purpose and critical mission (and the strategies/plans to get there);
  • I customize facilitations and workshops to exactly what the client needs – I even help them define what they need at times. My objectives-based focus keeps me on time and on task;
  • I am a well-rounded “doer” with an experienced-based premise – all my workshops start with an “Urgent Situation” that participants eventually resolve; and,
  • I devise the right combination of brainwork, grit, experience and fun to leave participants enlightened and rewarded.