About Cam

Cam Scholey is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author in strategic implementation and performance management systems.

Cam graduated his MBA with high distinction in 1996, and was granted a Fellowship to the Chartered Professional Accountants in 2008.

Cam began his career in the early 1990’s in the publishing industry as a liaison between Finance and the various business departments, focusing on bringing strategy and accounting together for maximum results. He then turned his focus to academia, with the primary objective of teaching with a very practical business thrust. He is proud to refer to himself as a “pracademic”.

An accomplished author, Cam has published multiple monographs and books, the primary topics being strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard. He enjoys the career blend of teaching, writing, and working with clients developing and managing their strategy.

When not working, Cam enjoys playing hockey, practicing hot yoga and scuba diving when not immersed in all the intellectual matters. His proudest athletic accomplishments are having completed a Half IronMan in 2000, and a marathon in 2001. For more detail, please see either the summarized CV or the full academic CV.