In the twelfth grade, I surprised myself by realizing I was enjoying writing an assigned essay for the Shakespeare play King Lear. I loved the creativity grounded in practicality. I now write books, blogs, guidelines, short stories, on and on.

In the mid-nineties, I contributed a short article to an early version of the magazine for CPAs – the article was called Gray Waste. Seeing that in print hooked me and I’ve been a professional writer since, primarily business and corporate strategy monographs. In 2022, I decided to venture into the genre of narrative nonfiction, and I am currently writing a memoir.

I enjoy writing assignments of almost any nature.


I remember well the public speaking contest in the fifth grade, when I delivered my speech first to his class, then in front of the entire school. The speech was called Crime on TV – I still remember the first few lines! I enjoy public speaking for many reasons, one of them is that it allows me to share certain parts of a message that writing cannot adequately express.

I have been speaking at conferences and events for over twenty years. I am an engaging, animated, humorous speaker who ensures that the message is delivered with forceful subtlety.

I believe that public speaking skills are among the most important a businessperson can possess. In fact, the most rewarding aspect of my thirty-year career teaching CPA and university was the presentation skills coaching I did. Watching the students develop, getting better and better right before my eyes – it is a feather I proudly put in my cap.

I enjoy speaking engagements of all types, live or via web tool.


I fell backwards into teaching when I applied to substitute teach at my old high school (because I couldn’t find another job). It was great and it wasn’t long until I knew he wanted to integrate teaching into my career portfolio.

I’ve been teaching and lecturing university and CPA classes for almost thirty years. Corporate strategy and performance management are amongst the highlights. I’m also proud to be fluent in the language of business: accounting.

I enjoy guest lecturing and the preparation of educational content.