I would be happy to help you in your strategic endeavours.

I assist organizations achieve their strategic objectives with practical and customized solutions at a reasonable cost. I help inspire, train, and motivate executives, managers, and employees. If you have a challenge at any stage of the strategic process, I can provide that injection of energy and guidance most organizations lack.

Please continue reading to see how I can help you.

My Strategic Advisory Service Offerings

I would be happy to help you with your strategy in the following critical ways:

  1. Formulation of strategy
    1. A strategy map is my recommended start point to building a new strategic blueprint for your organization
    2. There are other ways to formulate strategy (it is, after all, an art and not a science) and I would be pleased to discuss this with you
  2. Execution of strategy
    1. Building a balanced scorecard, which is directly tied to the strategy map, will put a spotlight on those few critical strategic elements that make a difference
    2. Cascading the balanced scorecard (i.e. “rolling it out”) to the workforce makes strategy real and understandable to those that are truly in charge of executing strategy
  3. Measurement and monitoring of progress
    1. Identifying and helping to steer any trouble areas back to a productive and successful path
  4. Training (I train in so many areas…all of the above; plus add public speaking to the list)