While strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard are superior strategic tools that have benefited many organizations, the reality is, the adoption rate is surprisingly low. The resource commitment necessary can make it prohibitive for many organizations to consider adoption, even those organizations that are firm believers.

Cam’s current and continuing research is focused on ways and means to make the powerful tools of strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard much more accessible to organizations that would benefit from the adoption of these tools (which is almost all organizations!) but find the resource commitment prohibitive.

The traditional approach

Traditionally, adopters of strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard feel compelled to bring on in-house consultants to take the lead in the initiative. This can be both expensive and difficult! The primary reasons for the costs are:

  1. There are travel and accommodations costs for the consultants;
  2. The process can be difficult to coordinate;
  3. The consultants work with clients one-on-one, so there are no economies of scale; and,
  4. The consultants (justifiably) want to earn a profit from their work.

The arrangements necessary in this traditional approach makes adoption of strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard prohibitive, even impossible, for many organization that desire the strategic tools but simply can’t justify the investment. Good news: a burgeoning solution is here!

The solution

A solution that integrates online tools with advisory services will be far more appealing to many organizations. Not only does it drastically reduce cost, it is also far more convenient to the adopting organization since it works to their schedule (as opposed to the mutual schedules of both client and consultant).

The new delivery model involves a series of the following combination:

  1. Videos;
  2. Worksheets;
  3. Field guides; and,
  4. Advisory reviews and/or visits upon request.

The exact winning hybrid scenario is case-by-case (and is part of Cam’s continuing research). In addition to convenience, it also allows strategic advisory service providers to repeat the use of many of the resources with multiple clients which drives costs (and fees) down dramatically.

Research specifics

In a continuous effort to enhance and improve access to these powerful strategic tools, Cam’s research energies focus on the following:

  • The most effective online delivery channels and platforms;
  • The optimal mix of videos, worksheets, field guides, reviews, and in-person visits; and, of course,
  • New and better approaches and practices for the best strategy maps and balanced scorecards for organizations.

Looking for interested partners

If you are a believer and would like to exploit the many benefits of strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard, but find the resource commitment to be too burdensome, being part of this research may be for you.

Here are some questions to consider. Do you:

  1. Want a strategy map and/or balanced scorecard?
  2. Find the costs and commitments involved with traditional methods implausible?
  3. Have staff that are eager to embrace a cutting-edge strategic initiative using technology?

If your answer is yes to all three questions, you should get in touch here: