Cause-and-effect logic is a critical approach in developing strategy. Cause-and-effect logic uses an “if-then” approach; that is, for example, “If we want to achieve Result X, then we need to take Actions Y and Z.”When cause-and-effect logic is applied to OKRs (short for Objectives and Key Results), excellent performance usually results. OKRs are nimble and straightforward to implement, and typically generate huge returns for adopters. To give a better sense of applying cause-and-effect logic to OKRs, the video walks through illustrations plus a practical example.

OKRs can be very powerful for promoting teamwork and goal congruence, which lead to maximizing corporate performance. Ensuring alignment with the value proposition is critical; setting out well-planned corporate OKRs and cascading them downward in a cause-and-effect manner is vital to keep everyone in the organization working toward the same objectives. Using cause-and-effect logic serves to makes OKRs that much more powerful. This short video walks you through an example of horizontally connecting OKRs to gain superior alignment:

Remember that it is vertical alignment combined with horizontal alignment (i.e. connections up, down, and across business units and teams) that makes OKRs so powerful. Stay tuned for more videos and blogs on OKRs. OKRs are quickly gaining traction as one of the most powerful and agile ways to maximize corporate performance. One of the main reasons is that the return on investment in terms of the value-to-effort ratio is extremely high.


Call now or contact us online if you would like to better understand how OKRs can revolutionize your organization. Whether you are in Toronto or elsewhere, we can assist in your efforts to better formulate and execute your business strategy. And stay tuned for more blogs and videos on the mechanics of OKRs.

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