Field Guides

A field guide is like a specialized form of a briefing document, geared specifically to clients so that complex topics can be made simpler and more understandable. Field guides usually accompany a video on the same topic, so that clients can truly grasp the complex nature of that particular step of the strategy mapping or balanced scorecard process.

All field guides (and videos) are customized to each client, as a way of walking clients through the steps at their pace. Generally, there is one field guide and video for each step. So whether clients prefer videos or reading (or embrace the duality of both), they will be equipped with the tools to fully grasp the varied and complex steps involved in strategy mapping or balanced scorecard building.

The following is a generic example of the type of field guide customized for clients during a balanced scorecard build. Note that this is a generic field guide; real ones always include content and terminology related to the client initiative, to make it as real and explanatory as possible. Please see the following: “Field Guide – Target Setting”

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Don’t hesitate to contact Cam if you have any questions about field guides.